Operational service

Application operation

WIMS has very reliable software, but still our customers are in need of emergency response and operational care. WIMS should consistently interact well and with stability with the technical platform, which is the applications held by a third party. These are continually upgraded with new versions. Therefore, the operational services for applications are components of our liability for support and maintenance to make sure that WIMS is “floating smoothly” on top of the platform technology at all times. Our customers will have less to worry about.

Platform operation

Our customers get a variety of options in choosing preferred platform. They may vary extensively between purchasing the hardware and operate it locally or rent the platform as well as the operation from us as a cloud service for the total WIMS solution. If WIMS takes on the liability of operating the platform, we will use subcontractors to secure that the documentation of quality and routines meets national and international standards.

Integration operation

The interaction between WIMS and other systems or data sources is increasing. It is critical for some of our customers that this interaction is reliable and that restoration of correct data set is possible if the integration fails. Therefore, we offer extended operational services to customers who in addition to WIMS depend on other systems. This secures maximum reliability in the integration between WIMS and defined external systems.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
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